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LABWE (Infrared) Electronic Blackboard

LABWE (Infrared) Electronic Blackboard,a combined system of interactive whiteboard hardware and software, is an input device to enable Man-machine interaction. 

Connected the infrared E-Blackboard to PC, the infrared E-Blackboard screen can synchronously display content on PC screen. In the mean time, the computer can be manipulated by any opaque object operating on the infrared E-Blackboard screen instead of Mouse connected to the PC. It has surpassed traditional one-way operation of projection equipment system and achieved great breakthrough in terms of interaction.

LABWE (Infrared) Electronic Blackboard Can completely replace the ordinary blackboard or whiteboard. It is widely used for teaching, public speaking, multimedia web conferencing, e-commerce, reporting, remote medical treatment, product exhibition, training, military commanding, scientific research, engineering, project design, securities review, entertainment and the studio, sports, maps, meteorology, astronomy, vehicle scheduling, interactive presentations, guest houses, hotels, electrical audio-visual teaching in primary, secondary and tertiary schools as well as distance learning and teaching, etc.

Synchronous Display

A complete set of LABWE (Infrared) E-Blackboard system should include the following parts: Infrared Induction Electronic Blackboard, Normal Pen, PC, Projector and LABWE Electronic Blackboard Software. The Infrared Induction Electronic Blackboard can detect the movement of normal pen on its surface and the information can be transmitted to a PC which connected to it. 

LABWE E-Blackboard software application installed on the PC converts the movement information of the normal pen into the computer's screen coordinates, and the results are projected onto the Infrared Induction E-Blackboard by projector. This constitutes a complete interactive demonstration system.

Touch Features

Operating Principle: Infrared Induction Technology 
Positioning Accuracy: <2mm 
Cursor Blink Rate: 120 Dots/Second 
Resolution: 4096 × 4096 
Response Time: < 8ms in continuous writing practice 
Induction Size: > 3.0mm, Recommended Size:> 5.0mm (Diameter) 
Touch Spot Life Span: Over 60,000,000 times single spot touch 


Working Environment

 Power Supply: USB power supply (No external power supply needed) 
Operating Voltage: DC 4.6V ~ DC 5V 
Power Consumption: <1W, USB 5V voltage, current < 100mA 
CPU: X86-based processor, pentium III or above; 
Memory: 256MB RAM (512MB RAM recommended); 
HDD: 1GB free space; 
USB: At least a spare USB interface; 
Projection Equipment: Normal projector compatible. 
Operating Temperature: -10 °C to 45 °C 
Operating Humidity: 20% to 85% 
Light Test: Incandescent (220V, 100W), working distance: 350mm 
Altitude: 3,000 meters or below 
PC Interface: USB2.0 
Working Life: 5 years or above 
Work Environment: Under daylight, indoor & outdoor environment. 

Packing List

Standard Accessories

LABWE (Infrared) Electronic Blackboard: 1
Normal ink pen markable: 3
USB cable (5 Meters, Blue): 1 
Installation Software Disk: 1
User's Manual: 1
Service Card: 1
Wall-mounting Parts: 1
Screws (ST4 * 30mm KA): 8
Plastic Gecko (6 * 29mm): 8

Optional Accessories

Mobile Stand: 1set 
USB Extension HUB Cable (5 Meters, Silver): 1 piece


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